PLANIT has developed a transparent, rigorous Threat Assessment process for identifying the true risks that Explosive Ordnance (EO)-related articles may present to your key assets.   PLANIT is instrumental in improving EO threat assessment and threat management.  It is our innovations in modelling potential UXO-related risks, that have been adopted and adapted by all reputable agencies working in this field.  It was our approach which led to the production of the Construction Industry Research and Information Association guidelines (Report CIRIA 681, 2009) for the preparation of Risk Assessments in the management of UXO risks in the construction industry.  CIRIA has its limitations, is outdated and is not statute.  However, PLANIT’s threat assessment methodology exceeds that recommended within the guide.

An Explosive Ordnance Threat Assessment (EOTA) is key in identifying whether an EO-related threat exists and for the effective design of EO Threat Mitigation solutions.

Our approach provides transparency to our threat assessment processes allowing the Client to make valid judgments on what is a specialist activity; empowering them to maintain control over this vital aspect of their project.